Hospitals and physicians have tried to collaborate more effectively through bonding, purchasing, owning and managing. Virtually none of these initiatives has improved quality of care. In addition, the rise in economic credentialing, conflicts of interest policies and disclosure of ‘competing investments’ further entrenches the parties as disparate stakeholders. In her work with hospitals and physicians in common cause for quality, Alice Gosfield has focused on the negative effect of these initiatives. Frequently, overly conservative attorneys contribute to mythologies pertaining to the impact of Stark and the anti-kickback statute on these issues. In an article jointly written with Jim Reinertsen, M.D., for Hospitals & Health Networks Online, they debunk these myths and offer strategies for more collaborative, quality-enhancing relationships. The second part of the presentation describes how PROMETHEUS Payment® can further these relationships by supporting with a different payment system efforts that hospitals and physicians ought to be involved in any way.