The Medicare physician reimbursement program has been criticized, for years, as a fee-for-service program which, by definition, incentivizes physicians to overuse because the more you do the more money you make. In addition, there is no question that Medicare quality results have lagged, as quality results across health care have failed to reach optimal levels. In her polemic in the 2009 HEALTH LAW HANDBOOK, “Getting The Team Paid: How Medicare Physician Payment Policies Impede Quality”, Alice looks at four principles now known to enhance quality, and how Medicare’s own payment policies thwart the ability of physicians to deliver high quality care. Addressing specific Medicare rules that are widely applicable, she also confronts head on the now almost insufferable challenges presented by the Stark statute and its interpretations. As she points out, Pete Stark, himself, now regrets the law’s enactment. The regulators have created a monstrous regulatory program which rivals the Tax Code in its complexity without adding value. It doesn’t even work. Alice contrasts the burdens that Medicare imposes with the PROMETHEUS Payment® model ( which is a provider payment model explicitly designed to improve quality, pay providers more rationally, lower administrative burden and enhance patient engagement.