Medicare has the right to recoup Medicare overpayments, pending a provider’s appeal through the byzantine appeals process. Here we address two cases on recoupment: one refusing relief from recoupment pending review – the traditional response to these complaints – and, one forestalling recoupment by issuing a TRO. Since the paralysis of the Administrative Law Judge review process, which has stalled appeals for two years and more despite Federal court orders to move things along, the courts have approached the recoupment issue variably. A Federal court in Ohio refused to enjoin the recoupment of almost $11 million dollars from a home health agency based on extrapolation of a review of 30 records after an initial overpayment determined the year before found about $60,000 in overpayment. Accident Injury and Rehabilitation PC et al v. Azar (C/A No4:18-Cv-02173-DCC). Even though the agency argued that it would be irreparably harmed before it could exhaust its appeal rights, the court found the agency’s success on review was unlikely and that the agency could not show it was deprived of a due process right. By contrast, a SC Federal Court found that a chiropractic practice, from which Palmetto GBA had withheld $1.8 million in response to an AdvanceMed ZPIC audit, was entitled to a temporary restraining order against the recoupment, PHHC, LLC v. Azar, No1:18CV1824 (ND Ohio) since exhaustion of administrative remedies would harm the practice in a way that could not be recompensed, despite what the traditional law requires. The court found that the ALJ process was the most important step in the appeals gauntlet, since new evidence can be introduced there. Since ALJ’s overturn lower decisions 60% of the time (!), this court found the likelihood of success on appeal was great. The TRO was issued. These decisions highlight the types of arguments that can succeed when the government’s appeal process is broken. It has been virtually impossible in the past to get any relief from recoupment pending appeal. There is some light now in this tunnel of process.