Although there is nowhere near as much substance to the 2019 MPFS Stark issues, the regulators have confirmed that they will permit a lease arrangement or personal service arrangement to continue indefinitely beyond the stated expiration of the written documentation under certain circumstances as set forth in existing regulatory provisions. With regard to compensation arrangements, the concept of the relationship being documented in writing is reconfirmed to allow a collection of documents, including contemporaneous documents evidencing the course of conduct between the parties. Both of these issues were supported by subsequent statutory language. Similarly, with regard to the non-compliance of a transaction with the regulatory exceptions, with respect to missing signatures, not later than 90 days following the date on which the arrangement became non-compliant the parties must obtain the signatures. Because of statutory requirements, the applicable signature requirement is not limited to specific exceptions and entities nor is it any longer limited to being used only once every three years with respect to the same referring physician.