Participation in the Medicare system is an issue that trips up many health care practitioners, and is one on which Dan has written previously 4 separate times. Medicare Enrollment: A Never-Ending High Hurdles Race, Successfully navigating the Medicare enrollment appeals process, Potential problems exist in the Medicare enrollment process, The Medicare Part-B Enrollment Obstacle Course: It Hasn't Gotten Any Easier While obtaining Medicare billing privileges is complicated in and of itself, maintaining such privileges on an ongoing basis can likewise prove complicated. A failure to adequately maintain Medicare enrollment records can lead to a loss or suspension of billing privileges, which can lead to denied claims and potential Medicare overpayments. In two new articles, Dan comes at the issue of Medicare enrollment from opposite angles. In “The Ongoing Ordeal of Maintaining Medicare Enrollment,” Dan addresses the many hurdles which physicians must clear just to maintain Medicare billing privileges. In “Medicare and Non-Covered Services,” Dan examines how physicians provide services outside of the Medicare system, and what that can mean for their continued participation with Medicare.