“Incident to” services paid for by Medicare have been a hallmark of the program since its inception.  Back in the early 70s, the principle of paying for those services of auxiliary personnel in the physician office as “an integral although incidental part of the physician’s personal professional services” was addressed in two paragraphs in the Carrier’s Manual. Today it is the subject of 9 conditions set forth in regulations with 8 definitions underlying its meaning.  Failure to conform with “incident to” requirements has been the basis for multiple False Claims Act cases continuing to the present. Still further, understanding what it permits is essential to compliance with Stark internal compensation requirements to qualify as a group practice.  In our most recent AGG Note, “The Not So Incidental “Incident To” Rules” we elucidate the conditions that pertain for compliance, explain the significance for Stark purposes and also debunk some myths about whether the government can actually enforce based on failure to comply with the rules.