Listen to a video interview in which Dan discusses how COVID-19 and increased usage of telemedicine has changed how health care practitioners are caring for their patients now, as well as what may come in the future, in a video interview with Infection Control Today. (May 2020) The video is about 15 minutes long.

Listen to the Podcast: de Brantes, Gosfield and Bluhm, “Improving The Oncology Care Model” (Jan. 10, 2020) 

In 2017, the American Health Lawyers Association celebrated its 50th anniversary. In connection with that celebration, Alice was interviewed on video at some length regarding the development of her career, and her interactions and views of the organization, having served as its president from 1992-1993, planned more than thirty programs for them, planned the last Masters Program and remaining as a speaker for many of their programs.
The video is about half an hour long

In 2015, Alice was interviewed three times on the Women’s Radio Network about her career, her practice and advice for aspiring women lawyers. Here are the MP3s in chronological order.

WRNW - KC Armstrong February 10, 2015

WRNW - KC Armstrong February 4, 2015

WRNW - Lisa Singer January 12, 2015