We offer occasional teleconferences (not webinars, no computer required), on topics we believe our constituency will be interested in and can use in practical ways in their work.

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Compliance Protocols and Effectiveness Measures

We believe that the only Compliance Plan that will work, whether under the fraud and abuse laws or the HIPAA and security laws, is one developed by the practice or entity itself.  We have created protocols regarding how to develop compliance plans and measure their effectiveness.

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Since 1989, Alice has been the only editor of the HEALTH LAW HANDBOOK, every year a completely new book, with articles from nationally respected authors on a variety of changing topics. This book is now in its 32nd edition, all edited by Alice and contributed to by 347 additional authors. It addresses timely and substantive issues every year. We post the articles we write on our publications page but the publisher has now made available more information about the total contents of the book for those who want to buy it from them.

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In 2003, Alice took over the authorship of this book which had been previously authored by two law professors.  Every year, she and Dan update. It covers fundamental concepts, compliance guidances, Stark, anti-kickback, false claims liabilities, administrative penalties and investigations. It is available from West

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