As the health care system confronts the need for significant change to produce more value, observers note the factors that drive up health care costs. One such commentator, Julie Appleby, writing in Kaiser Health News identified 7 factors driving up health care costs. Francois de Brantes, the Executive Director of the Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute, Inc. (, the board of which Alice chairs, recharacterized these as the Seven Deadly Sins of Rising Health Care Costs. They merit our attention. They include (1) Greed -- paying for volume rather than value; (2) Gluttony -- an increasingly unhealthy population; (3) Envy -- desire for new technologies and drugs; (3) Sloth -- tax breaks on insurance premiums; (5) Pride -- lack of transparent information; (6) Lust -- provider consolidation; and (7) Wrath -- legal and regulatory barriers to change. Most have had some attention paid to them in the health reform legislation. But contrary to the views of some on the far right who believe the law represents a vast government take over of healthcare, it is, in fact, quite the opposite. From the provider's perspective it is 1,000 pilots blooming in terms of real payment change. The fraud and abuse authorities do represent increasing wrath with respect to unnecessary expenditures. But providers -- and most particularly physicians -- are going to have to embrace the idea of changing themselves or they will be forced to change by others. Many of the issues we work on with our clients represent those kind of forward looking efforts, but, we think many more physicians need to be more pro-active about their futures.