Alice is continuing to expand the understanding of providers about the enormous utility of patient safety organizations in protecting sensitive decisions as providers improve their performance, value and clinical integration.  Alice has three additional published articles directed to diverse audiences.  For medical practice managers she authored "Using Patient Safety Organizations to Bolster Clinical Integration".  For lawyers she wrote, "Five Reasons Physicians Should Report to PSOs"; and for primary care physicians she wrote "Patient Safety Organizations can help providers improve performance and results." Several PSOs with whom she has spoken, seeking to spark their interest in directing their attention to physicians and their practices, have asked her "what's in this for you?"    Her answer has and continues to be that clinical integration of physicians is the most fundamental key to changing the health care value proposition. To do the hard work of making change entails riskThe PSO connection lowers that risk. She is interested both in stimulating PSOs to step up to help while she motivates physicians to demand to be served.  She hopes to help them contract with PSOs and establish their own patient safety evaluation systems.  The results cannot help but be better health care.